(Please fill in Chinese)

For visitors, the reasonable duration of stay should be within the exhibition time, while the duration of stay for exhibitors can also cover the assembly and dismantling periods. If you plan to stay beyond the resonable period as exhibitors or visitors, please submit further invitation letters (e.g. from an company you visit) as a complementary document to the consulate.


1) Please check up your personal information and fill in the form above carefully.
2) Exhibitors please send us the copy of business licence, stand confirmation, passport and remittance voucher by fax.
Visitors please send us the copy of business licence, passport by fax.
Fax: +86(0)21.5228-4012.
3) You will get our written reply within one week once we receive all your documents. In case you do not get any reply, please step into contact with us immediately.
4) To ensure that you have enough time to prepare for visa, we will not accept applications at less than 10 days prior to the start of fair

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